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The Bass Is Under Attack!

Xander has finally gotten his birthday DIY bass kit together! Its been a very busy December, and a bit of a process to get this build together. The kit comes unfinished, and so it took some time for him to decide what he would like the bass to look like. The result was well worth the wait!

The first thing we had to wait for was an amazing custom wood burned design, inspired by "Kingdom Hearts", done by Carla Price @ Texas Dove. This is a tribal design is the 2 Keyblades "Oath Keeper & Oblivion" as well as a "Heartless" logo on the upper cut away. Xander chose to go with a blue wood dye to tint the body.

There were only a few things that I did to help on this build, and that's only because they were things that don't come up very often in guitar repair in general. The DIY kit comes with a wonky looking head stock, so I cut and shaped it before handing it over to Xander to work on.

After the neck and body were dyed, Xander used a Satin Clear coat from Guitar Re-Ranch to finish the bass.

After the clear coat was cured, it was time to start installing the components. Since this was his second build, things went a lot faster than the guitar he built last time. he lined things up and started planing his steps out.

First he installed the pickups.

Then put the bridge in place:

After that, he installed the tuners on the head stock.

After a short lesson on how do read a wiring schematic, and a bit of confusion on technique, because I'm right handed and hes ambidextrous/left dominant... He sat out to wire up the electronic components.

Once the wiring was done, he attached the neck, and oiled the fret board.

He then installed the strings and set up the bass.

All in all, his hard work resulted in on of the nicest DIY kits I have ever seen! Hes on his way to being a talented guitar tech, and I am extremely proud of him! Hopefully I can post a video of this bass in action soon, so stay tuned!

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