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The Force is Strong With This One...

I was skeptical when my son, Xander, asked for a job in my shop. But after much consideration, I told him I would allow him to apprentice, and he could decide for himself if it was something he really wanted to do. For his birthday we got him a DIY bass kit, and I had planed on that for his first build, But he is having the body wood burned with custom artwork, so we decided that we would build another guitar body that was hanging up in the shop, in the meantime. The body is from a BC Rich warlock that has had custom wood carvings of sugar skulls. I had originally built this guitar after the carvings were first finished, but I wasn't happy with the pickup and eventually tore it back apart and mounted it on the wall as decoration.

I went through my spare parts boxes and pulled out all the stuff we would need to build this warlock and then handed the reins over to Xander. First he installed the ground wire under the bridge, and mounted a humbucker. Then he soldiered the connections to the input jack and mounted it.

After showing him a little bit about how to read schematics and wiring diagrams, I walked him through soldering the pickup, volume knob, and input jack. Then he installed the tuners on the head stock, seated the bridge mounted the neck, polished the frets, and oiled the fret board.

After stringing up the guitar, I went over how to adjust the neck with him, and he made some adjustments so set it straight, then he set the intonation for the strings.

I am extremely proud of how well his first build came together! He took to tech-work like a duck to water! We are both looking forward to him starting on his bass and I will defiantly post about it as soon as its ready to go! Let us know if you have a DIY build that needs a set up!

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