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Tele's On The Table

This Blog is a little behind, but that's because I've had so much going on lately! I have had kids birthdays, school starting, and a very intensive conversion on the bench to take care of! Ive also taken on an apprentice! So first things first, let me show you what I've been working on in the shop:

Wesley Greer Jr sent me his custom project telecaster for a setup. This guitar is simply gorgeous! But the bridge pickup had a defect that really needed to be addressed. It was not picking up very much sound on the lower poles, and was significantly lower when compared to the neck pickup. We decided the best course of action would be to return the defective pickup to the manufacturer, and install a new Seymour Duncan Antiquity bridge pickup.

After installing the new pickup, and a full set up, this custom Tele looks, sounds and feels amazing!

Next I had another custom modification to make on Chris Styles Texas Flag Tele. The guitar was not string through body, but the bridge was designed to be string through or top load. So I converted the body to a string through setup.

I removed the plate and used the makings that were left in the paint as a guide to drill my holes.

Once that was done, I bored holes for the ferules:

Then I reassembled the guitar, and with the help of my new apprentice (Xander Galvan), We gave the guitar a through polishing, Oiled the fret board, and did a full set up.

Xander will be working on a DIY Bass kit that he got for his birthday, so expect pictures of the build out soon! Ill close out with a short clip of Wes's Tele. Thanks for reading!

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