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I had a beautiful custom telecaster (1 of 2 actually) on the bench this week.

The body is made from cedar, and the neck is a roasted maple from Warmouth. Aside from a set up, there were a couple of issues that I had to knock out on this job. First was a small cosmetic crack on the head stock:

By forcing a little wood glue into the crack, the compressing the neck with a clamp over night, the crack sealed nicely leaving almost no trace behind:

Next, I needed to seat the neck to the body:

This is usually caused by the neck being pushed up and away from the body by 1 or more of the 4 mounting screws, when the neck is being mounted.

And finally, I needed to flush mount the ferules:

This was a little intimidating... In theory, I planed on drilling a wider lip for the ferules to slip down into, but with the cedar being such a soft wood, and very prone to flaking, a drill bit would have sent splinters flying every which way and marred the back of the body. That would have been too risky. What I chose to do instead was to use a drimel,and bevel the wood, in to bowls that would accommodate the lips of the ferules:

This left the ferules flush with the body and the wood unharmed. I also oiled the fret board, To keep it from drying out, and give it an overall nice clean look:


I then added a string tree to the head stock, and then set the guitar up. Thanks go out to Chris Stiles, for giving me the opportunity to work on this awesome build! Here is a quick sample of the finished work:

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