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Quality Counts!

I had this on the table this week! A beautiful kit explorer that needed an electronic overhaul, courtesy of Mr Chris Styles. A project that was put together for his father in law, Chris felt that the electronics were bogging down the tone, so everything was replaced with top of the line components! One of the best things about kits like these is that you can get a great looking guitar for a fraction of the name brand cost, however most of the time they don't come with high quality components, and so an upgrade like this is exactly the way to go.

I used authentic Gibson pots, and a high end Orange Drop .022uF cap to bring this kit up to par. The wiring configuration is done in the traditional Gibson Explorer 2 volume 1 tone set up. On top of the electronics, there were a few additional adjustments I made to make this guitar play like a pro. The action was very high, and the bridge at the the very lowest setting still wasn't cutting it. So I removed the pins and bored the hole a little wider so that they would set flush with the body, giving me that little extra room to make the critical adjustments.

After wiring everything up, adjusting the neck, bridge, and intonation, I gave the fret board a thorough cleaning, and oiling.

All in all a solid guitar, and a very noticeable difference in the quality of the tone and overall play-ability. If you have a project that needs an upgrade, hit me up!

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